Sometimes i think manufacturers do not want to sell their stuff. I go to their website and in the products section i see very few info about them. Apart some general data like the screen size, processor, ram and alike.

I was searching an all-in-one PC for a project and ended up buying the ASUS ET2220INTI-B014K and despite the time i spent on the web i still wasn’t sure what i would find in the box. So i’m going to tell you something you won’t find anywhere else.

What’s in the box?

  • the PC itself (no kidding) WITH the TV tuner connector
  • the power supply (IN: 100-240V/50-60Hz OUT: 19VDC 6.84A)
  • a wireless keyboard
  • a wireless mouse
  • the USB wireless adapter for keyboard and mouse
  • a remote (uh? this wasn’t expected at all)
  • the 4 screws to mount the PC to a VESA support

I had no idea which accessories were included so you may wonder the same.

Some considerations

The PC looks fine and performs as expected, nothing wrong to note.

The noise is quite low, a bit louder than my MacBook, but certainly not annoying.

The remote is not that great, the power button can sleep and wake the PC but the rest of the buttons are mostly not working outside the application used to watch the TV (which, by the way, runs in Desktop mode, not Metro).

The monitor brightness can NOT be adjusted from Windows (Charm bar > Settings), you can set it via the OSD. But, the monitor supports DDC/CI so you can also set it using ScreenBright

There are some utilities that actually do no suck! Amazing! An utility shows the current power consumption in Watts, in realtime, and allows to set a green mode that uses a bit less power (not investigated what it does). The showed idle power consumption is 34W with minimum brightness and 41W with maximum brightness. Didn’t test other conditions so far. Another utility allows to update the bios, the boot logo and also allows to enable some kind of USB fast-charging mode that apparently allows to get more current from the USB ports so you can charge your mobile devices “3 times faster”. The iPhone/iPod/iPad devices are explicitly mentioned as supported.


Finally opened my blog

So, after failing to open by blog on Blogger (being detected as spam) i decided to give a try, so far so good.

I’m going to post here some random info that i think may be useful to someone else on this planet. I often end up finding the answer to my questions on other people’s blog so i decided to try to give my contribution too.